Why Canada? Does it Make Sense if you are from the UK?

Hi all,

I wanted to share what is a story with a great ending. As a young man I was always known to have great hair and a great hairstyle. I guess I was about 26 or 27 when my hair started to thin. I was a source of amusement to my friends and family, but didn’t really bother me at first.

Time moved on and I suppose I was about 40 when I realised that my hair had really started to fall out. Because you never see the back of your hair, I suppose it’s never really in the forefront of your mind. I had realised that the front had receded quite a lot as I have always worn my hair combed back. It was also things like getting a real hot head on holiday. and having to wear a hat.

I became worried when I saw that the sides had began to move downwards and that it was more and more difficult to style my hair and I was beginning to ‘comb over’.

I really started to think about having a hair transplant procedure seriously when I went on holiday with my family to visit my sister in Calgary, Canada. She works as a flight attendant and she invited some of her friends over one night for some drinks. One of her friends, a pilot told me that he had been back to Ireland to see his brother recently and on seeing him, he thought that he looked different, younger, but couldn’t put his finger on what was different. His brother shared his story about his hair loss and told him that he had had a transplant.

This got me to to thinking about getting a transplant for myself, seriously for the first time. I discussed it with my wife and she was in agreement. So, I took to the internet. I looked on forums and spoke to people that had had the procedure. I investigated different websites and looked for reviews on different hair loss surgeries. I took the opinion that when I had this done, it was only going to be once. This was also my health that we were talking about, so i didn’t want to take any chances.

It seemed that all of my research, wherever I went brought me back to the same place, Hasson and Wong.

Now, I live in the UK and Hasson and Wong are in Vancouver, which is practically half way around the world. But, again, like I said, I only want to do this once, so I want it done right. So, I made contact with David, their adviser in the UK.

David was brilliant, he has been through it all himself.He talked me through his own experience and was able to put me in touch with some of their other ‘patients’. He was able to answer all of my questions and was always too happy to listen. Most of all, he wasn’t pushy or anything like that, just professional all the way. David helped me with all the arrangements including hotels in Vancouver, transport from the airport and even some of the sights to see whilst there, as I had booked a few extra days.

I booked my procedure for 10th December 2012. I took an 11 hour flight to Vancouver, then took the monorail direct to my hotel overlooking the waterfront. My sister came down from Calgary and we spent a few days sightseeing before the day of my procedure.

Anyway, I was booked in for a ‘mega session’,approx 4500 grafts which is around 9000 to 10000 hairs. I took a cab to their office at 6.30 in the morning. the receptionist was there and let me in. Dr Wong arrived and started by taking the pre-op photographs. I was taken to my operating room, (which has a great view) and laid on a comfortable operting chair/bed. I was given anasthetic and the operation began. 

It was finished at 6.30pm, 12 hours in total!! I was given my care pack and told to come back early afternoon the next day for my first hair wash, which I did. All was good and I flew back to the UK.

The first week was a bit uncomfortable sleeping because of the stables that had been at the back of my head. I guess it was a little bit sore in all for around 4 weeks.(Nothing serious,just a little achey).

I had to get the rest of my head shaved as soon as possible afterwards, because I looked a bit peculiar.

The great part has been watching it grow, bit by bit. The real growth for me started at about 3 months and it has really taken off since then. I am most definatley NOT BALD ANYMORE!!!

I cannot speak highly enough of the service that I firstly received from David at Hasson and Wong and the amazing result that I achieved from Dr Wong.

In a nutshell, don’t take any risks if you are thinking of having a hair transpalnt. Hasson and Wong are world renouned for a very good reason!!

Meeting Hasson and Wong ‘s UK rep  and having a consultation was the turning point in my quest to resolve my hair loss issues. Up to that point all my research consisted of online and web activities.
Having a face to face meeting with someone who has  had their own hair loss experiences , gone through good and bad procedures and had also recently used the Hasson and Wong clinic was important to me. It was an opportunity to get some answers to questions I had wanted to ask for a while and see for myself the all important results of someone having had hair transplantation.    The consultation was relaxed, there was no push to have anything done , no hard sale. I was grateful for that. Because if there was any pressure to buy anything I may have walked away and remained stuck with my hair loss issues for who knows how many more years.
That was 2010. Later that same year I booked into Hasson and Wong, Vancouver and had my procedure.  So glad I made that choice.


Our first meeting in early 2010 was crucial to my decision making process.  Prior to this meeting, I’d undertaken detailed research and identified an initial short list of three surgeons. Hasson and Wong, at this point were fast becoming my preferred option; with Dr Wong the surgeon I believed would possibly deliver the best result; given my age, level of hair loss and limited donor supply.  Unsurprisingly, and in common I’m sure with most (if not all) potential clients, I was apprehensive, nervous and also sceptical regarding the process and of course the outcome.  If memory serves me well, you contacted me after I’d made my first contribution to the Hair Transplant Network Forum.  I outlined my case and invited comments from fellow members of that community.  Among the respondents was an encouraging reply from you.  Subsequent to which we spoke on the telephone and corresponded via email.  All leading to the aforementioned meeting in 2010, in London, on one of your Consultation days.  
From our very first contact through to, and within, our first meeting you were helpful, understanding, knowledgeable and informative.  In addition, you were non judgmental, that is, you were not condescending, nor did you patronise.  You were, in actuality, the antithesis of such negative positions.  You provided a level of genuine empathy, which was reassuring and gave an honest assessment of my plight.  I would also mention that not at anytime did I feel under pressure to go forward with surgery or indeed to select Hasson and Wong.  I left that first meeting buoyant yet still with a tinge of apprehension (the unknown factor and outcome type of apprehension), though at that stage I’d already made my mind up to have an online consultation with Dr Wong, for which I provided photographic evidence of my situation, and to consult with Dr Wong over the telephone.  I did both and was equally impressed enough to book, what turned out to be, my first surgery.  
At this juncture, I would also like to express that all my meetings over the years (in London and Vancouver) with you and various members of the H&W fraternity, Dr Wong, Joe, Doug, Dr Hasson, Christina, the Angels and every one else, have been a pleasure.  The same level of integrity, support, professionalism, courtesy and good manners displayed in the above initial contact and our first meeting, have remained a constant throughout.      
My first transplant took place on 13 May 2010.  I arrived very early in the morning at H&W the day after landing in Vancouver, looking jet lagged and old.  From the beginning, when I was met by one of the Angels and then Dr Wong, throughout the whole process: consultation, pre-surgery preparation, surgery and post surgery:  everything went so well.  I had little or no discomfort, no pain and perversely, enjoyed the whole thing.  A level of apprehension for the outcome was still understandably with me but nonetheless I was so happy.  I left Vancouver for home after a couple of days, which coincided with the predictable swelling setting in but apart from that and periods of anxiety during the waiting stages over the coming three to four months, everything was good.  Must say that the day after surgery when I returned to H&W for a hair wash I felt so much better and looked so much better, especially after Doug gave me one of his special haircuts.
After about four months there was emerging a discernible hairline, which improved over the coming months.  It was such a wonderful experience to see it growing in but the biggest thrill was seeing that it didn’t move when it was windy – I still check it to this day after getting indoors when it’s been windy and it is still a thrill.  The first transplant was (is) a resounding success.  It may not be what is usually termed on the Forum as a “stella” result but it was my stella result.   So pleased was I that I booked another transplant for August 2011, to boost the already relatively small number of graphs in the crown and to bolster the hairline.  This time I stayed in Vancouver for just over two weeks.  I recall seeking your advice regarding accommodation (you’d already given me valuable guidance for my first trip viz which airline to use) again you were very helpful.
The second surgery was as smooth as the first.  What was even better is that I didn’t have to shave my head and it was therefore hardly detectable.  Dr Wong very kindly agreed that I could come into H&W every day of my stay for a hair wash.  I so enjoyed being able to do so and to see everyone on a daily basis.  I was certainly well looked after on each daily visit. 
I received less graphs from my second surgery, which was expected from the beginning.  They made for a significant improvement all round.  I was especially, delighted because the back of head view showed that the “hole in the head” sparcity had disappeared.
Two and a half years on from the second I am now looking towards a third and final surgery.  This has been the most difficult decision out of the three, mainly because of donor paucity.  I’ve had several meetings with you and discussed it with Dr Wong and Joe over the last eighteen months or so and remained undecided.  Our last meeting provided me with a definitive decision making opportunity, thanks to your patience and diligence in taking photos and video evidence of my available donor.  In addition to providing Dr Wong with such evidence you supported that with your assessment of my position.  The response from Dr Wong was so encouraging that I finally decided to go ahead and am currently working away at scalp exercises in order to get the best possible graph output within the parameter set by Dr Wong.   Due to commitments it is likely that I will go to Vancouver in early or mid September and will stay about sixteen days. By which time I should have given myself the best possible chance of realising an optimum number.  
A final summation of my experience with you, the H&W team as a whole, is that it has been an excellent one.  I realise that each individual case is different, notwithstanding this obvious caveat, my opinion is that anyone (male and female) if/when choosing H&W will get a superb service, provided by the most skillful, experienced surgeons in the business and their invaluable support staff.



I started looking into Hair Transplant Surgery about 2 years ago. Initially I used the Internet for this purpose and about 18 months
ago I had consultations with several London Clinics.
      During my Internet research I came across the web-site for Hasson and Wong and details of their UK Representative, David Anderson
who came to see me to assess my hair-loss and make recommendations. Having previously read very favourable web-reviews about
Hasson and Wong, I went ahead in January last year and booked to have my first surgery under Dr. Jerry Wong. I stayed in Vancouver
for 3 nights at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, paid for by H and W.
      My surgery the day after arriving went extremely well. The staff at the clinic were superb. Dr. Wong very quickly put me totally at ease.
I felt no pain during the surgery which took about 7 and a half hours. Three days later I was back at home, was able to return to work
straightaway, and in my case people at work had no idea that I had had a hair-transplant. The results began to show after about 6 months
and full results by the end of last year. I was more than pleased with the results.
      I returned to Vancouver in March this year to have further grafts to cover the rear crown area. Again, as before, the surgery went
extremely well and I am confident that by the end of this year I shall have restored a full head of hair.
      I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Hasson and Wong to anyone considering having this kind of surgery. Like me, you
won’t regret making the decision to go ahead and do it.


Nothing can be a bigger decision than deciding to opt for a hair transplant. I spent years mulling over the pros and cons and thanks to David and the team at H&W, it was the best decision I could possible have made.
Having become somewhat of an HT veteran, David is a real authority on the subject and blends his personal insights with enormous empathy.
I cannot recommend him enough and god forbid if I ever pluck up the courage to it again, he’ll be my first call!!
Dear all,This email is addressed to every person at H&W, but specifically Dr Wong, Carmen and the ladies who painstakingly cut and counted all of the grafts.From my initial contact with David Anderson, through to my post op instructions after surgery – every single person representing H&W have been fantastic. Your kindness, understanding, professionalism, and care have been absolutely top notch. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people, I just wish that I had chosen H&W previously.  Please pass my sincere thanks on to every person I came into contact with, in whatever form, during my time at H&W.

After 3 previous HT’s, I have always been very reluctant of more surgery, but I knew that I needed to have a scar revision to be able to have any kind of chance of living a normal life without concern of very visible scarring. My life had reached a point where I was so totally sick and tired of worrying about my hair/scars that I wanted it all to be over. Although it is obviously very early days after the surgery, I can see that Dr Wong has successfully managed to remove all of the old scar tissue, and now it is a waiting game to see how my body heals. What I do know, is, that H&W have done the best work, the rest is down to my physiology.

Thank you to Dr Wong, who possesses a very rare talent of being exceptional in his field as well as being very humble, gentle and basically awesome :). It is quite obvious that above all else, he cares about his patients, and that is something no money can buy.

Thank you to Carmen, and the team of ladies who worked on my grafts through the day.  Your kindness and reassurance made me feel as relaxed as I feel was possible. Everything was explained to me perfectly, and I was left with no doubt of what I needed to do.  All questions were answered before I even needed to ask.

Thank you to Christina, Daria, (and any other names I have forgotten!) for everything pre and post op, for the endless taxi arranging and just basically being as awesome as I have come to expect from all at H&W.

Thank you to David, whose journey seemed very similar to my own. Your knowledge, guidance and unassuming nature was, and continues to be, extremely reassuring. Never a hard sell, just kindness and solid advice.


Back story

In 2001, I was getting my hair cut in hair salon when the barber pointed out that my hair was thinning and receding. Thus began my obsession about how to stop this from progressing and how to return my hair back to its glory days. For the next 6 years I tried all potions and lotions that I was told would halt my hairloss and result in a full head of hair. I tried all sorts of oils in my hair, all sorts of vitamins, all sorts of shampoos and even shaved my hair off as I was told it would grow back thicker and fuller. Obvious to say nothing worked and my hair continued to recede and thin in the crown area. I was becoming more desperate and even went to my GP to discuss my hairloss. He pointed me to his bald head and told me I was doomed and that in time I would become bald. He told me there was nothing he could advise. I went to advanced hair studio and they discussed options of essentially a wig!! Nope not for me. In 2007 I came across a medical group who had an office in London and conducted procedures in Greece. I saw picture of patients who had FUE and this appeared to be my saving grace. Following this, I had 2 procedures in 2007 of FUE. I was reassured that I would not need any further work and that my hair would look like that of Salman Khan (Bollywood Actor). Yes it made a difference but not how I had imagined it to be and no my hair looked nothing like Salman Khan’s. Still a lot of gaps in the hairline and placement of hairs in hairline didn’t appear natural, crown appeared thin. However, I could get away with a short haircut with my hair brushed forward. It didn’t look too bad but I knew that my I needed to do something about it. I was told that altogether 1500 grafts were removed and placed into the recipient area. It didn’t look like it to me!

Nevertheless, over the next  8 years my obsession in hair increased. I started researching with a passion, something I should off done in the first place. I came across hair restoration network and became a silent reader of posts and time and time again saw reference to the same clinics and Doctors. I went through a process of elimination in respect of Doctors. I consulted several well renowned clinics in America and Canada. However, there was one individual whose results to me appeared phenomenal…Joetronic aka Joe Tillman. Over the years I have had many telephone discussions with Joe and met with him on numerous occasions when he has come to London to represent the clinic. It was during these discussions/ meetings with Joe that the FDA approved medication propecia was brought up in conversation. I was aware of propecia, no thanks to my GP who told me I was doomed, but always thought against it due to sexual reported side effects. However, after discussion with Joe, Dr Wong and other GP’s in the UK I felt it was time to give it a go. As per recommendation from Dr Wong I take a 1mg tablet 3 times per week. I’m happy to report that I have only seen the benefits of propecia and no side effects. The clinic have confirmed that since I have started taking propeica they have noticed an improvement in hair and this is something that I would agree with.

I have had approximately 3 face to face consultations with Dr Wong. I also came across David (UK patient advisor for Hasson and Wong) and if I wasn’t meeting with him for the purpose of a consultation I would be speaking or texting him with questions and queries. I finally made a decision in 2014, following another consultation in with Dr Wong, following many phone calls to Joe and David. The eureka moment came when I was on the phone to Joe and I said, ‘Joe, I want my hair to look like yours.’ We both went silent and after a moment we both started laughing because Joe reminded me that I although I wanted hair like him I was considering another doctor alongside Dr Wong and that the person responsible for his hair was Dr Wong not the other doctor. The penny finally dropped!! Although, I knew that everyone’s results are individual based on their hair characteristics, donor hair, laxity etc I knew that the Dr who would give me what I am looking for is Dr Wong. Important to note that all my interaction with Joe, David and Dr Wong was positive, they were always patient with me although I probably asked the same question on numerous occasions, they always returned calls or emails, they provided me with a wealth of knowledge and they were never forceful in making me commit to a HT. In fact they always attempted to educate me and advise what they believed would be realistic and achievable. In 2014 I paid my deposit and booked my procedure to take place on the 11 March 2015.


Day of surgery- 11/03/2015

Prior to the surgery I had a lot of interaction with David who went over what was to be expected. I also read up on information from his website which documents the whole process before and after the procedure, very helpful.

I arrived at the clinic at 6.15am and was met by Carmen Pope (nurse), a familiar face, who I had met at a consultation in London. It was nice to meet someone that I was familiar with as it enabled cordial chit chat whilst I was completing paper work. Dr Wong arrived at approx. 6.30am. I was in awe of Dr Wong given the powerhouse that he is in the hair transplant industry and felt privileged to be having a HT by the great Dr Wong. Dr Wong presented as a very humble, quietly spoken individual who was more than happy to answer my questions.  We discussed hairlines and after measurement Dr Wong indicated that he felt it is in my best interests to raise the hairline from where it is currently placed (due to my previous fue procedure) as it is too low and given my hairloss it would be a waste of grafts to leave the hairline where it is. Dr Wong outlined my new hairline with his pen and stated that the grafts below would be removed via fue. I was happy with this as my goal is the end game and I wanted to plan carefully taking into consideration any future hairloss and wanted to approach my HT carefully and sensibly. We discussed the procedure and Dr Wong reported that he would go as far back as the crown and touch up the temple points. Sounded good to me!! I had paid for 4000 grafts, however, what was humbling was that Dr Wong said that he would go for as many as practically possible (inclusive in the price). This demonstrated to me that Dr Wong is not money orientated and that he actually wanted to do the best thing for me even if it means going over the agreed number of grafts just because he wanted to help me achieve the desired result.

Following this, my hair was all shaved and 12 hours later I had approx. 4600 grafts removed and placed as per the zones discussed above. Needless to say I was happy with the graft count and the placement of the grafts. However, Dr Wong was unable to remove all the grafts below the hairline he created and I will have to return to refine this area in a year or so.

Experience of procedure/ clinic

I have no criticism of the surgery or facilities. Dr Wong and Carmen were conscious of the potential discomfort of surgery and would regularly ask me how I was feeling and whether I needed a break. Following surgery I stayed in Vancouver for 7 days and went for a hair wash every day other than Sunday as the Clinic is closed. Dr Wong would spend time with me following my hair wash to ensure everything was progressing as it should. Furthermore, all the staff/ nurses at the clinic presented as very hospitable. I had a bit of panic when my forehead and eyes swelled up approx. 2 days after surgery. However, this is to be expected following a large procedure. The swelling reduced within 2 days and by the time I was returning to the UK this wasn’t an issue. The hair wash, provided by Carmen, allowed me to go over any queries or questions that I had following the procedure and Carmen was very patient, answered all my questions and was reassuring when my face had swelled up!!!

Following surgery

At the time of writing I am 14 days post surgery. My staples are now removed and I have noticed some hair has fallen out whilst washing. However, I am aware that the most of the recipient hair will fall out over the weeks and months and although this is does raise my anxieties (as my hair looks really good now and I don’t want to lose the implanted hair in case it never grows back) it is part of the process. I do question whether the transplanted hair will grow but I know this is my paranoia and there is no reason why I should not achieve the desired result Dr Wong and I have discussed. I have contacted Carmen a few times since my return to the UK and she has reassured me that my hair falling out is all part of the process and it will take a number of months for growth to me to start seeing the benefit. I knew this before I went for surgery but the waiting and anticipation is going to be an issue for me!!


I have no regrets about my choice of surgeon. Dr Wong remains a force to be reckoned in the hair transplant world and he has overachieved my expectations of surgery. He is a giant in the world of hair restoration and exudes a quality of humbleness and genuine concern for his patients. Sometimes the word ‘thank you’ does not encapsulate ones gratitude and therefore I wanted to express my gratitude in a public post as I feel it is important that the world continue to be aware of the great work by Dr Wong from Hasson and Wong.

Thank you Dr Wong, Joe, David, Carmen, all the nurses who assisted in my surgery.

Thank you to Daria and Christina for their speedy response whenever I contact the Hasson and Wong clinic.


Hi David,
My experience during and after my surgery with clinic was fantastic and i was happy with how everything progress during my visit in Vancouver.
I would like to sincerely thanks Dr Hasson and team for looking after me and post-operative session with your team was very much welcoming. I would say that overall experience with Dr Hasson and Team was 10/10.  M