My Hairloss Story

Firstly to say that my dad was a Norwood 6, and both my Grandfathers were also, despite all this as a teenager with great hair I never in a million years believed that the hair curse was going to affect me. I first noticed my hairline was not so thick as it used to be, as a teenager in the late 80’s I used to treat my hair terribly and hairsprayed it into a huge Morrissey quiff.

Fast foward a few years to 1994 and I had my first ‘You’re going bald comment’ this is never nice to hear but at the age of 21 it’s pure misery, well the comments keep on coming so I consulted with a local tricologist who I saw every week for infa red treatment and they would massage my head with lotions and potions and give me expensive tablets to take on a daily basis.

I recall my hairloss as being particularly aggressive and falling out fast, I was a diffuse thinner and as my hair thinned it also lost its colour so I started to home dye it on a monthly basis.I washed it on a daily basis as my scalp was so oily, I think the treatments may of helped to a slight degree but the rapidly thinning hair needed a more permanent solution, this was when I consulted a ‘Strand by Strand’ hair replacement company.

I visited the clinic and was very impressed by the promotion from sporting stars and the slick salesman who told me how bad his hair transplant was and showed me his donor scar, anyway I signed up and paid the deposit.A month later I was in the fitting room has my strand by strand hair replacement aka wig fitted, it was all too much and I left as I just couldn’t face wearing the system and all the upkeep that it needed. My trichologist recommended that I look at hair transplants and a certain Dr May who had the best reputation according to him, needless to say I wish I never took this advice but despite having alot of existing hair (I was a diffuse thinner headed for a norwood 6) Dr May operated on me in 1996 at the tender age of 23.

I was quoted 450 mini and micro grafts and although I can’t remember too much of the day I was so nervous and the Doctor did nothing to put my mind at rest and make me feel better, he seemed as bewildered that he was performing surgery on me as I was, he drew the hairline on me in seconds and it was wonky and ultimately too low for my eventual hairloss pattern.Well the 400 of so grafts grew and did give me a little boost into my hairline and just behind and I was on the path to more surgery.

Why at the time I couldn’t see that a few session of 500 grafts would just not give me the coverage I needed I do not know I guess I was just desperate and these surgeons could smell it.I chose to consult with other surgeons next time round as I didn’t want to go back to Dr May as his customer care was appalling.

I ended up have surgery with Dr Norton in Wakefield a year later in 97 for approx 500 grafts but as i was in the chair for about an hour I guessed I probably got more in the region of 300 grafts again all mini and micro grafts, a few days after surgery a lump appeared on my scar and I was told by the clinic to go to A&E who were not prepared to touch it and recommended I return to the clinic so I travelled back to Wakefield and the scar was cut, I was told it was where a vain meet the artery, the lump went down but the area is so painful to touch even 13 years from the day.

Why on earth I went back to them again a year later I can’t answer but they cut me a good deal and said they would do as many grafts as possible I believe I had in the region of 400 into the frontal third and some on my crown this time.

Below are the pics taken at Hasson And Wong just before surgery of my work done by these three combined surgeries totalling around 1200 grafts.These grafts did add some temporary benefit to my hair after they all grew in 1998 but over the following years my hair continued to thin out and by 2001 I was left with just a pluggy unnatural hairline with nothing much behind it and a small wispy amount of hair on my crown and a blank session in between.

I didn’t take propecia which was another of my regrets so I was left with just the grafts, naturally unhappy with the way I looked and never wanting to consider transplants again after my three bad experiences I gave up on my hair for many years.


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