My 9 Month Update from my latest hair transplant from Dr Hasson

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Better late than never here is my 9 month photos from my latest hair transplant with Dr Hasson for 1755 grafts to the frontal half of my scalp. The difference is clear to myself as I look in the mirror and I am very glad that I took Dr Hasson’s advice to deal with the front rather than the crown. In terms of healing my scalp after five FUT sessions feels perfectly normal and I am still able to cut my hair to a reasonable length. I could never go down to a grade 3 or 4 because of my previous scars but I am happy with the length I can wear it at the back and sides.


There still remains a sweet spot in terms of length of the top and it seems better to wear it shorter than I used to as the density is better at the front I don’t need the length to make it look fuller. Also where the crown is thinner it is easier to keep it shorter and it lays flatter on my scalp.


Front-W800 Tilt-W800 left side-W800 Right side-W800 Left-W800 Right-W800 Hairline close-W800 Hairline close side-W800 Hairline close side 2-W800 Close-W800 Top-W800 Back-W800