My 8 Month Update from my latest Hair Transplant 1755 Grafts Dr Hasson

Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in Hair Transplant Blog UK, Hair Transplant Repair Diary, My Hair Transplant Updates | 0 comments

So 8 months have arrived and after a haircut yesterday I thought I would update with a slightly new hairstyle. All is back to normal in terms of numbness despite this being the fifth time I have undergone FUT hair transplant.


The density in the front has made a noticeable difference in how my hair looks normally and under stronger lighting with the scalp not being so visible now under spotlighting and sunlight. One thing that I have noticed is that after playing sport as I sweat a lot my hair used to get soaked through and look like I had come out the shower each time. Now I have more hair the sweat does not effect all of it and it now looks on the whole dry after sport.  Just a curious fact I thought worth mentioning as I continue my own personal journey.


Front-W800 Left Side-W800 Right Side-W800 Tilt-W800 Left-W800 Right-W800 Centre Close-W800 Left Close-W800 Right Close-W800 Top-W800 Back-W800 Tilt Up-W800 Pre Op to 8 Months