My 7 Month Hair Transplant Results Dr Hasson 1755 Grafts

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Hair Transplant Blog UK, Hair Transplant Repair Diary, My Hair Transplant Updates | 0 comments

So we have reached the 7 month stage and the hairline and front continues to get thicker. I can still feel a little bit of stubble coming through and some of the new hairs are still quite short and wispy. I will try some new hair styles once I get to the full one year mark but for now my hair seems to naturally want to fall over to this side despite wearing it back for many years.

Everything has now has recovered in terms of the scar healing and the feeling at the back of my head above the scar has returned fully.


Front-W800 Left Side-W800 Right Side-W800 Left-W800 Right-W800 Tilt-W800 Front Close-W800 Right Close-W800 Left Close-W800 Crown-W800 Top-W800