Booking Your Hair Transplant Trip to Vancouver

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A guide for UK patients traveling for a hair transplant at Hasson & Wong.


In this document:

1. Booking and planning the trip.

2. Arrival in Vancouver.

3. Things to do in Vancouver, places to eat.

4. Getting Around Vancouver.

Sheraton in Vancouver

Sheraton in Vancouver



1. Booking and planning the trip.

Deciding on when will be best for you to have your hair transplant surgery is so important. If you have an office based job and can’t wear a hat then you should take at least 2 weeks off work so plan this when it will be possible, do not rush yourself back to work too quickly it will only stress yourself out. For those that can wear a hat or are self employed you could be back at work within a few days to a week after your hair transplant surgery. Arranging the time to do the hair transplant can take some people over a year to organize, arranging the time off work and when in financially best for you . Some people prefer the winter time as they can wear a hat easier post op and hide away a bit more indoors. Also the price of the flight is an issue, holiday periods tend to be more expensive so check your flight prices when you are looking at booking time off from work.

Once you have a date that will work with getting time off from your employment, and you have checked the prices of the flights are affordable and of course the date is available with the clinic you are ready to confirm that date. At this stage you will be required to pay a nominal $500 US deposit. At this stage you can book the flights and arrange the hotel accommodation. Once the deposit has been received you will receive your pre and post op instructions which should be followed carefully. This guide is not to replace them just to help offer some additional advice and opinions.

Most important is to make sure you start scalp exercises a few months before surgery this should be done for around 5 minutes a time for five to 6 times a day or as many times as you can manage. Remember not to take anything containing aspirin 1 week before surgery and not to drink any alcohol 1 week before hair transplant surgery.

Air Transat/Canadian Affair have the best priced flights from Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester from £450 return which is what I paid in October 2013. Flight prices will vary on the season. Holiday season will be more expensive. Air Transat flights are a little cramped if you are tall, I found them quite comfortable with two meals and several drinks whilst on board and a good choice of movies and TV programs to watch. The flight was 9 and a half hours direct to Vancouver YVR. Air Canada come out the next best. You can try to search for the best prices but always visit Air Transat first. Although cheaper they don’t fly as often as Air Canada so you may have to stay out in Vancouver a little longer. It depends on whether you wish to return soon after hair transplant surgery or you are wanting to visit Vancouver beforehand. The accommodation that you may have to pay for 5-7 days nights to get the cheaper flight may nullify the saving made on the flight.

Do remember that post op swelling occurs 3-5 days after hair transplant surgery and you may either want to be home before this happens or wait and return after the swelling has gone down. Personally 3-4 nights is ideal if you are planning a short trip. This would consist.

Day 1- Flight arrive Vancouver daytime as they are 8 hours behind this is very possible and you can schedule a pre op consultation for this afternoon.

Day 2- Surgery day, early start full day.

Day 3- Relax, sleep, stretch your legs and see some of Vancouver, return to clinic for hair wash

Day 4- Same as above or fly home

Hasson & Wong will book and pay your accommodation for two nights at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Downtown Vancouver on the requested nights you are staying. If you wish to stay longer than the two nights included the hotel will be booked for you by the clinic and extra nights added to your bill. Alternatively if you wish to book your own hotel then we can discount the two nights stay off your bill, if you are looking to stay longer and are on a budget this might be a good idea. I stayed at the Best Western Downtown for 16 nights and paid around £60 per night including tax. The hotel is very comfortable and clean and in a good position to explore the city and within easy access to the Granville Street Bridge which takes you over the water to where the clinic is in West Broadway. On the down side it is a little noisy and the immediate area is not so nice. The Sheraton is a fine hotel on the corner of Burrard Street and Nelson Street. It looks like one of the biggest skyscrapers in the city and of course the staff are aware of why you are there. Both offer free Wi-Fi. The area for the Sheraton is nice and is near Robson Street which is the main shopping street with the designer shops. I have also been recommended by previous patients the Park Inn and suites on West Broadway which is a five minute walk from the clinic, my only opinion on this would be you are quite a distance away from the Downtown area where the shops and restaurants are.

I personally recommend if flying overseas that you arrive the day before surgery and have a consultation with the Doctor even if you have met him before in a consultation a fresh perspective is always a good thing. Stay the day of surgery and the following day which would make 3 nights in total. If you wish to stay for longer and return to the clinic every day for a check up and hair wash you are welcome.  Don’t forget to bring.

A button up shirt to wear after the surgery (one will be supplied for the surgery)

Any medication eg Propecia.

Your Customs letter printed to show the authorities.

Arriving in Vancouver.

On arrival at the airport you would have filled out a customs card on board the flight show this and your letter from the clinic to the Customs officer. It is best to be honest and say you are coming to Canada for a hair transplant especially if you are staying for a few days only. I expect the officer would have seen these letters many times and knows of the clinic, either that or if he is balding he might ask some questions about the procedure. On leaving the airport head for the ‘Canada Line’ which is a sky train up two flights of escalators or lift straight ahead of you and beyond the taxis. Buy a ticket from the machine for two zones which should be $9. The Airport is the end of the line so you can’t go wrong in that it only goes in one direction and the final destination is the Waterfront so make sure you are on the right one as some trains may go to Richmond. If you are heading for the Sheraton then get off at Vancouver City Centre which is the one before the Waterfront. If you are going directly to the clinic first for a consultation then you can get off at Broadway-City Hall and turn left along West Broadway until you reach 1001 West Broadway. The clinic is on the corner of Oak Street and West Broadway and near the Toys R Us store.

Capilano suspension bridge

Capilano suspension bridge

Things to do in Vancouver.

If you have some spare time to check out Vancouver then a walk along the Waterfront from Canada Place all the way to Stanley Park is a nice walk if the weather is good. Stanley Park is a 1,001 acre public park it is great for a good walk, jog or cycle around the waters edge. The highlight is the many totem poles, and wildlife.

There are many districts in Vancouver to visit. The main shopping district and near the Sheraton is on Robson Street where you can sometimes spot celebrities as many films are made in Vancouver as the costs are cheaper than filming in the States. Yaletown is a foodies heaven with many exclusive restaurants and bars brewing their own beers and lagers. Gastown which has a steam town clock which plays a tune every half an hour and Granville Island which is famous for the market. I took a trip to Capilano suspension bridge which offers a free shuttle from the Waterfront at Canada Place and other stops on the way.


Places to eat.

There are many chain restaurants that offer very good food. I have eaten at Earls which can be found in Yaletown and Robson Street, The ribs and blackened chicken is really good as are the burgers and Yam (sweet potato fries). If you like seafood, Rodneys Oyster House in Yaletown is great and I can recommend the Halibut. Cactus Club is a solid bet and the ribs here were great, Milestones was another good restaurant the Ahi seared tuna tacos were really good as was the Lamb Shank with Gnocci. The Keg does an amazing choice of great steaks and is really worth the visit. By the way I ate in these places in a cap and did not worry so don’t feel self conscious about going into a resturant alone and wearing a cap. Tipping is not essential but is expected, the servers do work hard and are reliant on these tips as they don’t get a full wage. Tipping around 15% is fine, 10% is ok and 20% if you were really happy with the service, remember the service and the food is what you are tipping not just the food.


If you fancy less formal dining there are many, many take out places that you can grab something and take it back to the hotel. The Noodlebox on Homer Street does great noodles and curries and you can eat in casually or take out. The portions were good and you can choose the heat, medium was enough for me. If you fancy pasta the Basil pasta bar in Davie Street and near the corner of Granville Street is cheap and does great pasta at $7.95 you can order the set selections or make your own. Again eat in casually or take out. Megabite Pizza was decent. Walk around Davie Street, Homer and anywhere downtown and you will find all the flavours of Indian, Sushi, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and burgers places. Let me know if you find somewhere really good to eat and I will add it to the list.


More formal

Take out


I found an amazing chocolate shop called Rocky Mountain which had some of the best chocolate and fudge I have tasted .


Getting Around Vancouver

If you are staying downtown then you can walk anywhere quite easily, there are pedestrian green men on every corner and they change very regularly so best to wait for them to change rather than jaywalking. The Canada Line that you came in on from the airport is also easy to use and cheap if you wish to get about.

Waterfront at Vancouver

Waterfront at Vancouver

Gastown Steam Clock

Gastown Steam Clock


Totem Poles At Stanley Park

Totem Poles At Stanley Park

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