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Interested in a Hair Transplant Consultation with Hasson & Wong? Read On……

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For over 6 years now I have been offering FREE one to one hair transplant consultations in the UK. This is more often than not in London but this year I will be taking my consultations on the road and visiting cities throughout the UK, Europe and of course Vancouver Head Office. First stop will be two days of consultations in Madrid, Spain on April 2nd and 3rd. I look forward to meeting with you.   If you would like to read more about my story and how I got involved with Hasson & Wong and to arrange a free consultation with me please read this new article on our website UK...

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Hasson & Wong Free Hair Transplant Consultations in London January 15th 2016

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I will be holding free consultations in London on Friday January 15th 2016 at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. The consultations will be one on one with myself a hair transplant veteran who has had 5 transplants spanning over 19 years. I will be able to explain our procedure in detail, answer any questions you have regarding surgery, show you what a transplant can look like on a Norwood 6 and take clear photos for a recommendation from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong. If you would like to meet with me in person or for more information please email me on or call 0757...

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Hasson and just got a new Facelift

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We have been working sometime now on the new website and finally I can reveal that it has been now launched (much fanfare). Why not take some time to see what has changed learn more about our techniques including FUT and FUE see many high resolution hair transplant result photos and videos. Read about dense packing the benefits of the lateral slit technique, post surgery recovery, our new blog, hair transplant cost and much more.   Whilst you are there you can fill in an online consultation or arrange an in person consultation at the clinic head office or with one of...

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Dr. Wong Patient Experience Of His Hair Transplant Surgery at Hasson & Wong

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Watch Carlo’s experience of his surgery with Dr. Wong and his team when he returned to Vancouver for his second hair transplant. Carlo traveled to Hasson & Wong just over 1 year ago to have surgery with Dr. Wong. In that first session the goal was to cover the entire balding area to give coverage rather than high density. Dr. Wong was able to transplant 4461 grafts. It was always in Carlo’s mind that he would require a second surgery to add further density into the frontal area and rebuild his temple points. In this session Dr. Wong was able to harvest 3000 grafts to address...

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Meet Dr. Jerry Wong in London June 20-21

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Meet one of the world’s most well-known and experienced hair transplant surgeons in London June 20 & 21, 2015. Dr. Wong and his partner, Dr. Victor Hasson are leading pioneers of ground-breaking hair restoration surgical techniques, especially the lateral slit technique, a method that allows the most natural looking results. Lateral slit allows us to mimic the natural flow and growth of your hair for a seamless, beautiful and natural looking result! We invite you to join us (free!) to assess your hair loss situation and to find out what your hair restorations options are. Click to...

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Hasson & Wong Featured on CBC Living Documentary

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So this is an old segment that was featured on CBC in 2007 but for all those considering surgery with Hasson & Wong it still serves as a great watch if you missed it from back then.  

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Hasson & Wong Free Consultations February and March 2015

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Whilst consultations are offered in house with Dr Hasson or Dr Wong at the clinic in Vancouver we have a small team of patient advisors that offer free consultations in various venues throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Here is a list of consultations in the next two months.   USA San Francisco February 18th to 21st New York March 16th to 20th Miami March 28th to 28th ARGENTINA Buenos Aires February 19th to 20th UK London February 21st London March 13th Manchester March 21st To arrange an appointment for any event contact or call 1-800-859-2266 for the Vancouver...

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Vitahar and Brivon- Scam alert using my photo to deceive potential consumers

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There are always scams going on in the hair loss industry such as new shampoos and hair loss products that guarantee great results and deliver nothing. Nothing new there it has been going on for centuries but on this occasion this latest scam just got very personal. The company Vitahar and Brivon decided to use my face to promote their product.   You are all aware of advertising on various websites those annoying ads that pop up on the page of some websites that get in the way when you are trying to read an article well this company has been placing these ads all over the internet...

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Another clinic illegally using Hasson & Wong images to promote their work

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I was recently made aware of this clinic that was trying to pass off Hasson & Wong hair transplant results as their own via a couple of You Tube videos. Now this is nothing new and we have seen this on countless times over the last few years. Usually it is one or two photos pasted up on their website and in most cases the same few faces but the award must go to SIFA Hospital Group of Turkey for the most blatant and outrageous rip off. Yes I counted 12 of our results filling this You Tube promotional video which has been up for over 6 months now, in fact they have only used our results...

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Free Hair Transplant Consultations in Dublin Saturday November 29th

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I will be providing free hair transplant consultations in Central Dublin on Saturday November 29th for all those interested in a consultation please email me on or call 0757 8164162 UK Mobile.   I will be able to talk to you regarding the procedure, assess your laxity and density and take clear photos and video for an assessment from either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong.

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