5 Month update on my personal hair transplant

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Hair Transplant Blog UK, Hair Transplant Repair Diary, My Hair Transplant Updates | 0 comments

So five months is here today and my observations from the 4 month point until now is that the growth is coming through as expected and I can still feel lots of stubble throughout the frontal area.In terms of numbness my scalp above the scar is now 75% back to how it should feel. The scar itself has healed very well and the small amount of shock loss that I suffered around the temple area of the scar has returned. My hair is a little longer than the previous month but I am feeling that the density at the front will allow me to try some different styles when I reach the year mark.


Front-W800 Tilt-W800 Right Side-W800 Left Side-W800 Right-W800 Left-W800 Top-W800 Crown-W800 Top Up-W800 Right Hairline-W800 Left Hairline-W800 Hairline Centre-W800 Hairline Close-W800