My 4 Month Update on my surgery with Dr Hasson

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So here we are at the 4 month mark. My hair is longer than the 3 month update that I posted so it is difficult to assess in person let alone from the photos but this is just the start I have lots of stubble around the hairline and frontal area that I can feel with my fingertips. The back of my scalp above the scar is still feeling partially numb although more feeling returns here. I had a little shock loss around the scar which is growing back as I can feel some stubble around that area too.

I think the biggest noticeable difference is my lack of anxiety this time round compared to 2006 when I was constantly looking for progress in the mirror on a daily basis, as I am comfortable that it will grow and it will add a nice improvement and of course I have every faith in Dr Hasson and his team this surgery has been so much easier than last time around.

Last time around I was a patient that had been burnt 3 times with poor surgery and had so much to loose again, another poor result would have been devastating for me. I had so much resting on the 2006 repair to make me look normal again.


Left side-W800

Right side-W800

Top tilt-W800






Compare 3-4 months