My 3 Month Update On My Hair Transplant with Dr Hasson

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Hair Transplant Blog UK, Hair Transplant Repair Diary, My Hair Transplant Updates | 0 comments

So here are the 3 month photos after a haircut, what has been happened since month 2-3? hmmm not a great deal hair wise.

The hair is growing and I would say that I am in a slightly better position than I was pre op considering I am wearing my hair shorter than before the surgery. I can however feel stubble throughout the recipient area which is a great sign of new early growth.

The donor area has recovered a little, of the small amount of shock loss that I suffered around the scar line and I can feel some stubble still around here too. The numbness continues above the scar but is improving each month. The recipient area scalp has healed perfectly well and shows no signs of redness and has not for some time now. I am very happy and no that I am just starting to see improvement, my barber commented the same that it looks thicker.  The beard continues to be a permanent fixture and after shaving it off for Christmas Day I soon realised that is suits me.

I think the SMP has faded a little again this month as expected and I will plan on doing this again later in the year. Thanks for looking and come back next month.

Front-W800 Tilt-W800 Top-W800 Right-W800 Right side-W800 Left-W800 Left side-W800 Hairline cropped-W800 Hairline close up-W800 Back-W800 Back tilt-W800