3.5 Month Update on Hairline Refinement

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I thought I would update with some clear photos on my progress after the hairline refinement that I had by Dr Hasson on the 13th of May 2010. The pictures were taken approx 3.5 months from the surgery and I have some baby type short hairs growing into my hairline, these hairs are more noticable in certain lighting.

My overall thoughts from the last session are that the healing has been much better this time around, I only had a very small session and scar revision but the redness after the surgery went at around theĀ 3 week mark before that it was just a lingering pinkness that could of been passed off as sunburn if anyone had of asked.

The donor scar has healed and is looking improved already, I am sure I had some temporary shockloss due to the tightness of the closure ( 5 times strip) but this all seems to be growing back well. I noticed new growth around the 2.5 month mark but the new shape of the hairline is again starting to take shape, as I said the hair is very fine and needs time to mature but it is as always great to see new hairs into areas that have been bald for so long.

I recently got a very short haircut just before these pics were taken.

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